Sunday, July 18, 2010

Teaching magic classes

Natalie & I teach private magic lessons all year long to a couple of continual students, but in the summer we teach magic classes to anyone who is willing to sign up. In our private magic lessons we build skills upon what we learn in each class, but in the summer we only have one day to teach the students some magic they will ever forget and will be able to do. We teach 2 magic classes during the summer; an adult magic class and a kids magic class. Both have easy and baffling magic that can be done with minimal practice. This summer we are teaching classes at Shenandoah Crossing Resort and Massanutten Resort weekly and we are also teaching magic classes sporadically at libraries, schools, & community centers. If you are interested in becoming a student of magic you can either sign up for The Trick of the Month Club or call us toll free at 1 877 987 4201 and we will see what we can arrange.

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