Monday, July 23, 2012

My magic show is not witchcraft or Voodoo

My magic show is not witchcraft or Voodoo. I thought that was common sense, but this week I witnessed something I never thought I would. Let me go back a bit; I have worked for a certain school in Northern Va for over 7 years now, approximately 3 times a year. When I perform at this school the majority of the teachers are doing something else and leave the aids and other staff members to watch the kids. Sometimes these aids would rather be cleaning the bathrooms than watch another show (I'm guessing by reading their faces), but after the show I am told over and over how much they enjoyed the show and that I am not silly or clown like. Some teachers or aids you just can't win over, even if I produce elephants they would still have a sour puss on their face. The school I worked at this week had one of those aids; she does not smile, she does not talk to Natalie or I before or after the show and by all of her body language signals she does not want to be there. This week she sat in the back of the audience and she was the same as normal, no smile & standoffish.
During the show I call up an adult spectator out of the audience which was a young lady and Natalie dresses her as a magician and she does magic in the show with Natalie's help. At this point I turn on music and I always walk to the back of the audience to help get the audience involved in clapping & cheering for the spectator. As I walked back there I heard a bass like humming, I thought someone had a radio on and as I looked over the one aid had her hands clamped together, she was sitting on the edge of her seat and was rocking back & forth and mumbling and chanting which was making the bass humming I just heard. I instantly found the person who hired me and explained what I just saw and she walked in to witness everything for herself. I told the lady who hired me I think this lady thinks I am doing voodoo or witchcraft and I think I am scaring her. The lady told me what made everything worse was the spectator I got from the audience was the aid's daughter. They then told me this was her first job in this country and she had been standoffish with other activities. I suggested that maybe that lady should not have to come to my show next time and they said if they had known she had an objection to my show she would not have had to go this time or any other. I felt really bad for her, she was so scared, you could see it in her eyes. After 16 years in business this was a first...