Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Busiest Summer Ever!

This is our busiest summer ever. We have 77 shows in the month of July alone. We had 14 shows this week & we put 200 - 500 miles on our van everyday this week. On most days we leave before the sun comes up and we get back home after dark. Our work van is equipped with a cooler for soda and snacks, a couch we take turns napping on while the other drives, and a Sirius satellite radio for entertainment on those long trips.
This Friday we had a school show in Va beach in the morning and a company picnic in Charlottesville that evening. Here are a couple of pictures of Natalie napping in the passenger seat and awake and smiling as we came out of the tunnel and saw the ocean.
She loves the beach and is so excited about our vacation plans. In September we plan on spending a week at Myrtle Beach and renting a beach house with a friend for a few days in Va beach. We just have to make it through our busiest summer first.

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