Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wes Iseli's Miniature Magic

This video was filmed in my Magic room in my home, I use that room to read about magic and practice close up. This month I decided to go small, very small. I have several videos online of me doing amazing large illusions but this month I shrink a deck of cards into oblivion. I hope you enjoy the video and remember to comment and subscribe. Also check out my website at

Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 hour magic show year 5

This year Natalie & I chose to do our 24 hour magic show closer to home since Natalie was eight months pregnant. I did it in front of Walmart in Ruckersville, Virginia doing 72 magic shows in 24 hours to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. The temperature has been much worse in the past, but this year I don't think it dropped below 50 degrees, however it did rain off & on the entire time. Natalie & I set up around 9 am on Nov 15th starting the event at 10am and by 4 pm our tent was leaking so badly we had to go into Walmart and buy a new tent. Not only were we getting wet but so was everything else. The turn out was good considering the rain and I had several friends & family members come out to visit, watch magic, and support the cause. Natalie & I only live about a mile away from this Walmart so Natalie was able go home during the event for hours at a time and take naps. We even had the local paper come out and take pictures and interview me. This event is hard and around the 20 hour mark the gravity of the situation hits; I get very tired and sore from standing. But this is also the time that Walmart starts picking up business wise with people shopping before heading off to work, so I get a little boost just by seeing more foot traffic and interacting with them. Our sponsor this year was Ericson's Eatery & Pub a new restaurant that opened the week of my event.