Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 holiday recapped in photos

Thanksgiving into New Year’s is always a crazy time of year for us. Besides the usual hustle & bustle of the season add to it that we do a ton of shows all over this time of year. This year we performed at a bunch of company parties, church shows, family reunions, open houses, I did my 24 hour show right before Thanksgiving, taught magic classes at Ivy Creek school, & more. Here are just a few photos from our shows this holiday season and a couple family pic’s too...

Unfortunately several of our shows this Christmas had professional photographers on location and I gave them my business card and asked them to email me photos, but as of now I have not received a single one. Oh well, here is what I have...
Lana playing peek a boo with Santa in Lynchburg, Va 

Performing close up magic in Richmond Va 

Lana & Natalie in front of a roaring fire

Iseli Family 2013 

Performing at Glenmore 
Country Club New Year’s Eve 

At a tree farm in Staunton, VA 

Visiting with Santa after our show in Carlisle PA 

Wes Iseli's Magnetic Man

Friday, January 3, 2014

Show Business 101

I got a call just a few mornings ago (New Year's Eve) from an agent saying his magician canceled for that night's performance because of a stomach bug. Since I already had a gig for that night I couldn't help out, but that call really bummed me out. The first thing you should learn if you want to perform or be in show business is the credo THE SHOW MUST GO ON!  I have performed with a high favor, stomach pains, nausea, diarrhea, strep throat, bruised ribs (it hurt to breath), I had dental surgery done a while back and I was taking pain killers between shows, with kidney stones pains and I even had a show the day after my dad died which killed me because I was only 25 and my dad was my best friend.

What really got my blood boiling is that the "Magician" said he had stomach pains at 7:00 am and the show was after 5:00 pm. Has he ever heard of Pepto? This kind of nonsense makes all entertainers look bad.
As a fan of magic I still today plan vacation trips and other excursions based on the fact that a magic show is in the area. By the entertainer canceling the gig he is possibly ruining someone's day. You have no idea of how far someone has traveled or what they have gone through just to make it to your show, the least you can do is give them everything you have got. After the gig and after everyone has left you can then have a pity party for yourself...

Come on folks it is Show Business 101: The Show Must Go ON!!!