Monday, September 19, 2011

Wes Iseli's Christian Illusion

This video was filmed in front of our church; Chestnut Grove Baptist in Earlysville, Virginia. This video was made to explain what Gospel Magic is all about. If you liked this video please send it to your friends and family and remember to subscribe. For more info on Wes Iseli please check out

Another Day Another Adventure

The other day Natalie & I had to perform at yet another school show in Maryland and had to leave home at 3:00 am to get the show and be set up & ready to go by 8:30 am, not that Maryland is that many hours away but DC traffic is horrible especially in the am. This show was used as a reward for only 150 out of 480 students of the school. Only 6 kids from each class were chosen to attend, taking into consideration behavior and homework completion. The show went great and afterward they were already in talks about having us come back in the spring to perform our large illusion show.

By 10:00 am we were all packed up and the picture above was taken of me and by bunny Lucky. Natalie & I then walked to the van and loaded everything in and went to start the van up; nothing happened, the only thing we heard was “CLICK”. My radio worked and the lights were on so I figured it was my starter. I felt pretty helpless as we were broke down in another state. I called my personal mechanic and told him what was going on and he told me I may be able to start it if I hit the starter with a hammer. I was in trouble I didn’t even know what a starter looked like. I had to Google “Picture of Starter” to see what to hit. Natalie tried to turn the car on while I laid on the ground hitting it, but nothing happened. I hit & hit and nothing, then I laid the metal across 2 wires running into the starter and I got a big spark and it sounded like it was trying to do something. I yelled to Natalie I was going to try something and I laid the metal across the wires while she tried to start it and a huge shower of sparks shot all over and the van started right up. I then had to drive it back to my mechanic in Virginia and dropped if off around 3:30 in the afternoon without ever turning the motor off.

I know magic and I am clueless when it comes to car repair, but my name is lettered all over the side of my van and it is super embarrassing if or when it breaks down. Thank God for Google on cell phones...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A challenging show to book

Some shows are harder to book than others. This summer we met a principal at our show while we were performing at Massanutten Resort. He loved our show and asked if we were interested in performing for his school in Maryland. He called toward the end of July and booked his show and said "I am sending over some information for you to fill out, once that is completed and signed we will sign your contract and everything will be set". Well the form he sent over locked up and we could not fill anything out and when we went to download it a second time it was deleted. So we called and they said they would fax everything over, which they did. There were questions on this form like do you have a business license, do you have insurance and such. Once we filled out their questionnaire, we faxed it back. The school board office called and said we need a copy of your insurance policy and we told them we are not allowed to give out that number unless there is a claim. Because of that we were at a stand still for nearly 2 weeks. They then called us and said they need 1 million dollars of additional coverage added to our policy before stepping on school grounds. We called the insurance company and did everything to get this done but they waited so long to call us and tell us that, that at the date of the show we were not able to perform due to red tape and waiting for insurance information to come through. It came through at lunchtime the day we were supposed to do the show. The principal called us back and said we got all the paper work approved and you guys are in, can you come next week on Tuesday morning. So we rescheduled for that day, but with the earthquake school was canceled since they had no power. The show was then booked for the following week and it went great. The kids and faculty all loved the show and they even invited us back to perform for them again in the spring, but this time they want our large illusion show. With all the headaches and re-bookings and playing phone tag for weeks this show was a rollercoaster from beginning to end, but everything worked out in the end.

P.S. This morning we got another school show in the area booked because of them recommending us to their colleagues...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Upcoming public show schedule

We perform lots of shows each & every month but not all are open to the public.

For the month of September we have lots of shows on the books; company picnics, school shows, resorts, and birthday parties but no public shows.

Check back next month for upcoming public shows...