Friday, October 25, 2013

One of my favorite shows

People ask me all the time what is your favorite type of show to do, but I truly like all aspects of magic so to me I don’t care if I am doing close up magic, parlor magic, or an Illusion show; I just love performing. Close up magic is so intimate, a no holds barred right in front of the spectator magic that can be so powerful because people say “the big stuff may be mirrors, may be trapdoors but you were right there” or even better “the magic happened in my hands”. Family size shows are great too because you can do magic on a bigger scale and you are still close to the audience with the front row maybe 3 feet away and still you have a semi intimate feel to it all. The bigger shows such as the illusion shows are great
because you can feel the audience due to the size of the audience, you can feel it in your bones if they are having a great time or not and I love that feeling.

Today I just wanted to tell you about one of my favorite type of shows. It is in the family size category and it is the harvest party/ chilly cook off / neighborhood get together. I lump these 3 titles together because they are lumped together lots of times when we perform at them too. I love the fall and these outside shows are in the fall when it is cooler which is so nice after fair season performing in 100 degree plus temps. Besides the temperature, it brings me back to when I was little and my own neighborhood would get together this time of year. Some are even costume parties and the magician being an impartial spectator at the event gets to judge the best or scariest costumes. Here are some photos from a neighborhood get together / chili cook off I recently performed at.

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