Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wes Iseli's Money Mystery

2014 year in review

2014 has been a fantastic year!
Here is my top 10 list of 2014

10. I got a new company mascot named HOCUS
  9. I got my new wesiseli/magicman Logo
  8. Made it through my 8th annual 24 hour magic show to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network
  7. New show commercial and publicity photos
  6. We performed a ton of illusion shows at High school auditoriums, performing art centers & resorts all over.
  5. We sold out State Theatre
  4. Lana became a bigger part in the show helping out onstage with 2-4 effects
  3. More publicity this year than ever before in the form of newspaper articles and radio appearances.
  2. I picked up an amazing publicist who is helping us move the business forward by leaps and bounds.
  1. I was asked to work on the Carbonaro Effect on Tru Tv as a magic consultant and animal trainer.
To see any of those stories in full check out past issues of this newsletter at wesiseli.com

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wes Iseli's Holiday Party Solution

24 hour magic show 2014



Photo 1 is me all set up at 10:00 am at the start of the event.
Photo 2 is me working for a crowd.
Photo 3 is of my little girl Lana visiting me around 10:00 pm.
Photo 4 is at 9:30 am the next morning with snow coming down hard.

This year's 24 hour magic show was another success. We got a bunch of press and most importantly raised money for the kids of The Children's Miracle Network. Due to all the press we recieved I did more magic this year than ever.  At 2:00 am  it started raining hard and it didn't stop, but I did have a few folks ask if I was gonna just pack up and head home but I told them I made a promise to the kids and I was going to stay right there for the whole 24 hours. To top it all off, with only 30 minutes remaining it started snowing, HARD. What a way to end a cold wet night. None of this would have been possible without my sponsors Wild Wing Cafe and Pepsi of Charlottesville, VA. Thanks again everyone who came by to cheer me on and visit me.