Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wes Iseli's Billiard Ball Routine

This month I decided to show you my billiard ball routine. In magic the billiard balls are a staple, they have a rich history and they are sought after by magic collectors. I own several sets of billiard balls but this set is my favorite.
The billiard balls is a purely sleight of hand effect, it takes lots of practice to get it just right.
We filmed this video at Shenandoah Crossing Resort after our illusion show was over and everyone left, because during the show Natalie is up to her hijacks as she plays the violin behind me and we did not think it would translate to video because it would be out of context.
I hope you enjoy the video

Monday, August 22, 2011

Performing at Adventure Camp

Adventure camp is a 4 day camp held each summer for children and teens with lost limbs. Natalie & I were hired to perform for this camp, but we did not know much going in. As soon as we started the show everyone got into it and had a blast. I had a great time, these kids held nothing back and I was surprised how they all got a round (with ease). We had such a great time that after the event I sat on the floor with everyone and performed some close up magic for about a half hour. This camp is a wonderful place for these kids to go and be with people who are also missing limbs and share and bond together. These folks may be missing limbs but they are not letting that hold them back. The camp also has activities that normal camps have like swimming, fishing, rock climbing, a ropes course, and they also do lots of hiking and exploring in the many acres they have surrounding the camp. Kids from all over the country come here each and every year.
Below are some pictures from our show at Adventure Camp...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our newest employee disappeared...

Last month I wrote about our newest employee we hired to come on the road with us to help load and unload the large illusion shows and help in the office booking shows.
When we hired her we decided that she should come with us to every show for the first 2 weeks so she would know what we do for different types of shows.
Well after 11 days of traveling with us and working mostly 12—14 hour days due to traveling, she quit.
There were no hard feelings, she just said she couldn’t keep up with us and even though we warned her as to how busy we were it was a lot harder than she realized. So for now it is just Natalie & I again doing it all ourselves. We have talked it over and we may try again to hire someone after the crazy summer schedule is over, because it was also hard on us training someone while on the road everyday.