Sunday, August 18, 2013

What the FCM has done for me

In case you were wondering, the FCM is “The Fellowship of Christian Magicians.” It is one of the many magic fraternities in which I belong.  Since joining the FCM I have learned a lot more about my relationship with God. I was honored to have been asked to headline the FCM convention this year in Ohio and as a writer and contributor to their bi-monthly magazine I am known all over the world by other members of the FCM. Natalie and I joke about how popular I am in Germany due to the fact I get several emails each month from over there from guys who read my newsletter and column, who buy my magic products, and also ask for help with their magic or routines from time to time.

I have created several Christian themed magic effects such as Love story, &  7 Deadly sins. Both are card effects that are meant to entertain and educate at the same time on truths from the bible. I also created a magic kit called Miracles of the Bible which includes five magical effects you can perform that illustrate miracles from the Bible.

Since becoming a member of the FCM I have become a husband, a father, and author, and I have come to know some of the most wonderful Christian magicians from all over the world that I may never have met if it were not for the FCM.

Who would have thought that by joining another magic club so many good things would come to me, “God does work in mysterious ways!”

Lana's Caretakers

Our little girl Lana is growing up fast while being on the road with mom and dad. She has traveled all over Virginia, Maryland, and even Ohio. During our smaller shows Natalie & I alone take care of her while we are performing, but during our bigger shows that involve big box illusions we hire extra help just to watch Lana. For over a year my uncle Freddy traveled with us to our resorts and other illusion shows to take care of Lana, but last month he got a new job that made it so he was unable to take off work to help us like he used to be able to. Luckily as stars lined up in our favor two girls from church (Caitlin & Jessica Hopkinson) had just said a couple weeks before Freddy left “we would love to baby sit anytime”.

When Natalie & I have her, we pass her back & forth like clockwork. Since we average 400 shows a year we are used to the juggling now. In between shows we take her to malls, parks, pet shops and just about any other place you can think of to stretch her legs after being in the car all day. I knew having a baby on the road was going to be a lot of work, but the alternative would be sticking her in daycare and we really wouldn’t see her so we will just keep juggling because although it is a lot of work she is worth it…