Friday, June 24, 2011

Our 2011 busy season

As I am writing this I am wore out, tired, and exhausted. We are only beginning our crazy busy season. Since 2003, June through August has been our busiest time of year. During those months we perform at company picnics, county fairs, at local resorts, and much more. This week we had 16 shows and today we were on the road for 10 hours for two 45 minute shows.

The pictures here are of Natalie sleeping in the car between gigs and of me visiting with my friend Ron after using his restroom while on the road.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chesapeake Magic Lecture Testimonial

Subject: Wes Iseli Lecture Review

As is my custom I am reporting and reviewing another lecture.

The lecture was given by Wes Iseli. Wes built his shows around his own principles and developed how he wanted to do business as a magician. That may seem like an odd statement, but once you see his lecture you will understand. His lecture is all about building yourself as a magician and how to do the business end of your magic.

Let me clarify, you haven't seen anyone give this type of hard hitting, talk about every phase of building a magic business and growing your business so you really make money!

Wes tells you everything, no punches pulled and nothing about the magic business is taboo, it's all out there. Over my years I have seen all kinds of books and courses with all kinds of advice and systems that offer you "pie in the sky" success, that is only if you do everything this person says, exactly the way they say. After reading just about all of them you discover that the system just doesn't come off as reality. How did all these people develop the same basic system and develop and sell e-books, tape sets with eight to ten page 'come-ons' to sell you this expensive system , book or document. And then what? You read it, maybe give it a try and/or put the stuff on a shelf and never go back to it.

Wes said more in his two hour lecture that made complete sense than any of these systems, e-books or documents ever told me. He talks from the heart and tells you what he did and how he does it. He leaves nothing out and takes questions as he goes along. He gives full and understandable answers to every question. He talks about what to charge for each thing he does and tells you exactly what he charges and why. All this is backed up with solid reasoning and examples of how he does it. His lecture notes are full of those things we all have thought we purchased to help us in business...only to find out what we bought didn't show us those answers. Wes gives you all the answers of how he did it and he even tells you the prices he charges and why he charges those prices. I have been in the biz for nearly forty years and this is the first time I have seen someone tell you the truth about actual money!!!

He has the clearest most thought out method of booking restaurants that I have ever seen. All the steps and the reasons why you do them and how you do them. A couple of guys asked some pointed questions about this and they had disagreements with his method but as you take in what Wes says about the process and the way he backs it up with super solid reasoning and facts the questioners suddenly had more realistic questions and they shifted from kind of show off questions to real info gathering as they saw the truth hit them.

There was noting left out and there were no frills or uber motivational hype to get you fired up under false pretenses... this was the real world and how you work with the realities of booking restaurants. His material is sure fire and right on target, you could see physical reactions when he described the steps to getting your booking, what you do, say and what you use as handouts and contracts and after showing what you do and have to offer, you ask for the gig. If the manager says he needs to think about it, Wes tells you what to say to him and how you end your interview and walk out. You then go the restaurant next door or across the street. He also tells you why you do what he suggests and all the reasons why.

I never, ever heard this much sense and solid reasoning in a magic lecture before...and this was only the first half of the lecture. Information like this is valuable, it's incredibly valuable. If you want to get your head on straight and build your business and have fun doing it, get your group to book this lecture! Wes is not a tall guy but in my estimation he stands a lot taller in his directness and reasoning than most of the lecturers I have seen bar none.

Jack Shea

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Upcoming public show schedule for June & July 2011

We perform lots of shows each & every month but not all are open to the public.

Here is a list of upcoming public shows for the month of June & July:

June 4th - Relay for life - Monticello High School Located in Charlottesville - Showtime 5:30

June 18th - Lynchburg Public Library - Showtime 1:00 pm

June 21st - Orange Co Library located at Locust Grove Elementary School -
Showtime 3:00 pm

June 22nd - Orange Co Library located at Gordon Barbor Elementary School -
Showtime 1:00 pm

June 22nd - Orange Co Library Located at Orange Elementary School - Showtime 3:15 pm

June 24th - Samuels Public Library - Showtime 2:00 pm

July 2nd - Bryce Resort Located in Basye - Showtimes 10:00am & 2:00 pm

July 6th - Madison County Library - Showtime 11:00am

July 12th - Madison County Fair - Showtime 8:00pm

July 13th - Fluvanna County Public Library - Showtime 11:00am

July 16th - Madison County Fair - Showtime 5:30pm

July 19th - Meherrin Regional Library - Located in Emporia Va- Showtime 10:30am

July 22nd - Orange County Library - Showtimes 3:30pm and 6:00pm

July 23rd - Orange County Fair - Showtimes 11:30am, 2:00pm & 8:00pm

July 24th - Orange County Fair - Showtime 11:00am

July 27th - Petersburg Public Library - Showtime 10:00am