Friday, May 28, 2010

Gearing up for our busiest season ever!

June - August just may well be our busiest summer yet. With 169 shows on the books for only those 3 months we will be very busy. Summers have always been our busiest season with so much going on all at once like company picnics, family reunions, county fairs and of course the resorts. This year we will be working 2 resorts both twice a week. We will be teaching magic classes and then on another day performing a 45 minute show with an illusion or two at each resort. We really enjoy performing all over and Natalie & I are so thankful to be able to do what we love and to be able to do it together. After 14 years of performing full time I am used to it and Natalie has also become accustomed to the schedule as well. The schedule can be very tough; it is common on those summer days to be on the road for 16 hours at a time then doing it all again the next day. The performing is the easy part, it is the loading and unloading of the equipment and the set up and take down and the driving time that is hard. That is show business! I couldn't think of a better way to earn a dollar. To see one of our shows this summer check out our public show schedule at they are posted in our newsletters.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Miracles of the Bible illusion kit

This week's blog is about a new project I just finished; it is an Illusion kit called Miracles of the Bible. It is the first of its kind and the reviews and advanced sales have been great. Check out the description below.

Imagine going up in front of your Sunday school class and telling a story of a miracle being performed in the bible then being able to illustrate that with a modern day illusion. Recreating the events from the past and making it more than just a story and then end by saying this is only an illusion and only God can perform miracles. This lesson will soon not be forgotten.

This is what I wanted to create with this Illusion kit. Five stories of miracles from the bible and recreating them using illusion to make them more memorable and to have a more lasting impression.

This is my way of making the learning of bible stories fun and entertaining instead of droil and possibly boring as in the way I have heard stories in the past read in a monotone, sleep inducing voice.

Each kit is hand made and comes complete with bible stories, picture illustrations, and the necessary props to help accomplish the illusions.

In this kit you will learn 5 stories and illusions that include: water to wine (non alcoholic version), loaves & fishes, sweetened the waters, parting the sea, stick to serpent.

To order your copy email us at or call us toll free at 1 877 987 4201 anytime.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wes Iseli's slow motion dove production

In this month's video I decided to do a little animal magic. We use doves and rabbits in 99% of all the shows we do and even on occasions use ducks. This month I decided to perform my new dove production and do it as slow as possible for effect. We filmed this video on stage just before our illusion show for Nelson County High school. We are really proud of this effect because I can perform it anywhere and I am able to hand out the cloth for examination and show that there is nothing hidden in my jacket before producing the dove. We try to film a new trick or illusion each month and put it up on To see past videos just search wes iseli.

To see this video "Wes Iseli's slow motion dove production" cut and paste this link into your address bar

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rockingham Memorial Hospital Volunteer luncheon

Natalie & I were hired to perform at a volunteer luncheon at Bravo's Italian Restaurant in Harrisonburg Virginia last week. The event was for the volunteer committee at Rockingham Memorial Hospital. The restaurant had a little stage in the banquet room and the show could not have gone better. The volunteers I used had a great time on stage and that made my job so easy all I had to do was play off of them. I picked the boss out of the audience completely on accident to help me with my comedy cards across routine and everyone loved it. The group had so much fun that at certain points during the show several people were laughing so hard they were crying. Once the show was over I tried to turn the show back over to the committee chair person but before she got the microphone they all gave us a standing ovation. This show was a blast and we also had a great time. We received tons of great comments after as a lot of people came up to us asking for business cards and wanting to tell us how much they enjoyed the show. This show had it all; magic, doves & rabbits, lots of comedy, retro magic words were used like Shazam, and even an appearance from James Brown (Inside joke).This is a show we will remember for a long time.

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