Monday, April 19, 2010

Ekko Title Grand Opening

Natalie recently accompanied me to a show in Northern Virginia where the company Ekko Title was opening a new location. I was asked to perform walk around close up magic only. We got to the location around 15 minutes early, I set up a table to perform at, and I was introduced to everyone at Ekko Title. Their main clients were realtors. They had a band, lots of food, and an open bar for the event. I did walk around for the party going from room to room performing until it got so busy it was hard to fit down the hallways. That is when I went to my table and entertained there for the rest of the time near the front door. It worked out a lot better; I could work for bigger groups and people knew where I was, they did not have to look for me. They had a tent which attached to the building over the front doors and stretched out into the parking lot, that is where I was. Natalie & I had a blast, the event was a success, and even the guys from the band came out and were very funny with their reactions to the magic, they were blown away.

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