Thursday, January 14, 2010

Virginia Living TV Appearance, Take 2

Natalie & I were asked to perform our magic at the Virginia Living Television studio in Culpeper yesterday. This is our second time being interviewed by Virginia Living Television. This time we were asked to bring an illusion, some close up magic, and they also informed us that we would have another interview portion. We got to the location around 7:00 pm and got the illusion put together and waited around about 15 minutes while they finished up taping another segment. Then we were introduced to the staff and Natalie & I taped the Illusion first. It seemed out of context when you do it in an event like this because the set up for the illusion is missing, but it turned out great. Then we filmed the interview portion which was supposed to last only 12 minutes but it went on for 30 minutes, I think because every one was having so much fun. They told us they like to do one straight take but with 30 minutes of footage I assume it will end up being 2 segments. Afterward, everyone on the crew was very complimentary of us and they told us how much they enjoyed us and wanted us back soon. We talked about working on the road and magic for a while longer, then we packed up our sound system and the illusion and headed home. We left the studio around 10:00 pm. Natalie & I both had a great time.

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