Friday, January 22, 2010

Church Shows / Gospel Magic

Natalie & I are both Christians and as a magician I have run into people who think magic is evil. I have studied magic since I was seven years old and I have never seen anything done that could not be duplicated by either a magician or man. What we do on stage is entertainment, not evil. As a member of an organization called The Fellowship of Christian Magicians I have promised to use my gift as an entertainer and magician to spread the word whenever I can. We actually have gospel themed magic we can perform during church events with themes that involve "Everyone is the same in God's eyes," "If you choose the love of money over God you end up with nothing" & more. Natalie & I perform at churches all over entertaining and educating. We have performed during church services & Sunday school and at open houses, pot luck dinners, Easter celebrations, Harvest & other holiday parties, first communion parties, baptism parties, & much, much more. Remember us the next time your church is looking for a new fun way to get the word out.

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