Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wes Iseli's Magic & Illusion show

Natalie & I have been doing our Magic & Illusion shows for a while now with great response & re bookings at 99% of all the locations we have performed it at so far. We have been selling them as a fundraising Magic & Illusion show in which the school hires us to perform. We get a set amount of money and the school or charity makes everything else. We make pretty good money with these shows, but getting a new school to book can be like pulling teeth sometimes, they have been burned before by other entertainers. So Natalie & I have decided to still do those shows but we are now also working for ourselves. We will rent high school auditoriums and we will team up with a charity and give a percent of the profits to them; this way we will not have to wait on approval from any commitees. This is now a big risk for us, as we are coming into towns with no connections and trying to fill up 700 or 1500 seat auditoriums. We know we have a great product and with a little hard work this will be a success. Look for us in a town near you in 2010.

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