Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowed in, December 2009

December is a very busy time of year for us with Christmas & holiday parties running the gambit; from huge extravagant events with caterers and ice sculptures to having a veggie plate and someone who drew the short straw to play Santa. We have lots of bookings not only with companies but also family reunions, lodges, and other organizations. Needless to say the weekends are our busiest times. Living in Central Virginia snow usually is not a factor until after Christmas. This year starting on Friday December 18th around 3pm - Saturday December 19th at 8pm we received a little over 2 feet of snow. Natalie & I were snowed in, we had 4 bookings for this weekend and all were rescheduled. Natalie & I just hung out watching Christmas movies, playing video games, and baking & eating cookies. We both shoveled so much snow it hurt to sit down or stand up. We finally were able to dig out on Monday afternoon once the roads were scraped, which was great timing because we were running out of groceries.

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