Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our State Theatre of Culpeper Illusion show Recap

A few years ago we did a small public TV interview show called Virginia Living TV in Culpeper, Va. One of the interviewers was Tammy Barboza who now is on the board for the State Theatre of Culpeper. She said she never forgot us and that our magic really blew her away. They have had all kinds of acts at the State Theatre, but they had never had a magician since the renovation. They contacted us to see if we were interested, but one person on the board was hesitant because they had only seen our small show and they thought that's what they were buying. I assured them that our big show was not like my small show and that it would play on a large stage. Well, needless to say, we were hired and the show was a huge success; IT SOLD OUT!
They treated us great; providing us with dinner, a backstage crew, a light guy, a sound guy, ushers, and even security to watch over our merchandise that we sold in intermission and after the show. 
When we got to the show their were three guys ready to help us load in the show and we loaded into the theatre in only 20 minutes, which blew us away! We have never done it that fast before. We were completely set up in two hours when it usually takes us four, and with all our extra time we just hung out in the green room, had dinner, and invited friends and family back to hang out with us prior to the show. 

The show went great and the house manager was talking to Natalie about having us come back again next year. We will post the date of that show on facebook, twitter and Google+ when it is finalized.

Here is the show all set up prior to the doors opening

All our friends and family who hung out with us in the green room pre-show

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