Monday, March 1, 2010

The Hayley Kudro benefit show

On February 27th Natalie & I performed on a bill with several other magicians to help raise money for an adorable little girl named Hayley Kudro. The local ring chapter 320 of IBM, otherwise known as The International Brotherhood of Magicians, decided to put on this charity show to help with her rising medical bills. The show ended up being close to 2 hours including the intermission and everyone seemed to have a really good time. There were 6 magicians on stage; Brian Bence, Jim Oberg, Jordan Berneking, Dennis Phillips, and Mark Trimpe. Natalie & myself closed the show with my comedy cards across, Natalie’s silk and dove routine, and an illusion, then we produced doves, turned a dove into a bunny, and produced a duck. The show was emceed by Eddie Tobey.
We even had a couple of close up magicians walking through the crowd before the show; they included George Buckley, Jim Champion, and David Clauss.
We had magicians doing card tricks, floating objects, spinning plates, pulling ropes through people, balloon animals, making drawings come to life, and much more. This was the first time our club has done something like this and I feel like there will now be more projects in the future.
The group raised over $2000.00 for Hayley and they said more money is still coming in. She really was a beautiful little girl and she took a liking to me and Natalie wanting to hold a dove and pet the bunny. After we packed up she wanted a hug from each of us then she wanted to help Natalie take care of the animals.
Please help this beautiful little girl out if you can by visiting and visit the hayley kudro website.

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