Sunday, April 19, 2015

FCM Magazine Cover

 I have been a contributor to the FCM Magazine for a few years now writing articles each month.
The FCM is an international orginization for Christian entertainers. Most of my articles are about marketing and making yourself memorable, a.k.a. helping folks create a brand.

This month I wrote an article that was unlike my past ones, it was my testimonial I deliver to churches. The editor of the magaizine told me he wanted another article right away. I asked if he liked the other one and he said yes I loved it, it would be good for a feature but I need another article. I was confused and said if you love it use that one and I'll write you another one next month. Then he explained to me he wanted to put me on the cover and my testimonial would be great as the meat of the article. I decided that I did not want to write four more pages of material in a bragging fashion or saying how great I am, so I asked two of my magic friends to write an article about me to be published in the magazine. One friend recapped our full evening Illusion show and the other talked about first meeting me when I worked in a magic shop in the late 90's and how he has enjoyed watching me grow as a performer.

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