Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What does a show really cost?


When people call inquiring about hiring us for an event, I often wonder if they truly understand all that is involved in putting on a show.
Aren't you just paying for the 45 minute show or the hour and a half full evening illusion show?
Do you factor in the time it took to lug in the equipment and set it up and take it down?
Do you put into account wear and tear on the props, vehicle, etc?
Do you consider travel?
Do you consider the office time it takes typing up contracts and making calls to get the show booked in the first place?
Do you think about the animals onstage? Time and money invested in them to train them and feed them, not to mention bedding and cleaning.
Do you consider the years of practice and countless hours it took to develop the skills he is making look so easy on stage?
So, the next time you see an entertainer on stage stop for a second and think what it took for them to get there.  The show is the easy part, and as I have always said that’s the fun part, but no one sees everything else that is involved.
Besides, what would you pay for an event that can create memories that will last a lifetime?

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