Friday, April 12, 2013

Magi_Whirl 2013 Recap

    From left to right: Eric Henning, John Carlson, Brad Ross,
 John Payne, and Juliana Chen

Magi-Whirl is a small magic convention held in Alexandria, VA each year the weekend after Easter. They do a great job on getting entertainers from all over the world to lecture and perform in the Gala show which is held on the last night. At the last minute I found out I was able to attend this year’s convention. The worst part was that Natalie & I decided she & Lana would stay at home for this trip; I really missed my girls.
This year’s convention had Disney Illusionist Brad Ross, John Payne, John Carlson and last, but definitely not least, Juliana Chen. I know these names mean nothing to most of my readers, but to magicians they are a great get for such a small convention.
As most of you know, I am not only a magician & Illusionist but I am a collector of magic, a history buff when it comes to magic, and I am a huge all around fan of magic. The main reason I wanted to attend this year’s convention was to meet Juliana Chen who is the only female ever to win FISM or “The Olympics of Magic.” She was not only an amazing talent but a really sweet person and took time out to teach me a few of her award winning secrets.
Although I was there to see Juliana, the overall convention was great. John Carlson and Brad Ross spoke about marketing and John Payne surprised me with an amazing lecture on showmanship and getting the most out of your props.
Here I am working with Juliana after her lecture 

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