Monday, February 15, 2010

Magic shows for the scouts

Natalie & I perform at all types of shows and this weekend was no exception. Saturday night we performed for a boy scout group in Waynesboro, Va. There were around 75 scouts in attendance. This was a big event for them; they had a buffet style dinner for everyone and all the moms & dads were also at the meeting. It was a big turn out because the scouts were receiving badges and patches for a job well done. The church the show was held in had a stage and the kids were so super excited as we arrived that the scout leader had to calm them down a little. The show was around 1 hour long and the kids were great. The adults and kids kept coming up to us afterwards telling us how wonderful the show was. It was one of those shows where everything was perfect, including the audience. We have performed at a lot of scout meetings over the years and we even sometimes teach our magic class before or after the show. If you know someone who is in the scouts and they also enjoy magic let them know there is a merit badge for magic. There is also a book on magic written for the boy scouts of america called Cub Scout Magic. I know about this because another club purchased a copy for me as a gift for performing at their club.

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